Imagine finding out you're pregnant after 3 1/2 months of marriage, at the age of 20.

Imagine finding out it's a BOY, and being thrilled because your husband already has two daughters.

Imagine not being able to get your wedding ring on at 16 weeks.

Imagine your doctor telling you that you need to cut your fat intake in half, when you've already been eating carefully.

Imagine finding out that your blood pressure is 160/104 at 23 weeks, and being sent to a doctor for "high risk" pregnancies.

Imagine the new doctor admitting you to the hospital immediately, with news that you will be there until your baby is delivered.

Imagine being in the hospital for 6 days, while the protein in your urine and your blood pressure climb higher and higher.

Imagine being told that if your baby is delivered there is only a 40% chance of survival, and a 2/3 chance for birth defects.

Imagine having anxiety attacks and not being able to breathe, so you're given sleeping pills to get through the night.

Imagine being monitored for contractions in your sleep. Imagine finding out that you are having pre-term contractions that are causing your baby's heartbeat to fluctuate.

Imagine being moved to L & D, being put on mag sulfate, oxygen, monitors, and shots of steroids for your baby's lungs.

Imagine your prayers.

Imagine your mother being 14 hours away, and calling her at 2:00am to tell her what's happening.

Imagine your face being so swollen that you can barely open your eyes, and your legs being swollen up to the knee.

Imagine your father crying at your bedside while you are barely concious.

Imagine your doctor coming in to tell you that your blood pressure is 180/120, and that you could slip into a coma at any moment.

Imagine being told that it's time to deliver at 24 weeks.

Imagine your mom flying in just in time to hold your hand and tell you she loves you, as you're being wheeled to the Operating Room.

Imagine shaking uncontrollably, and clinging to life.

Imagine your husband holding your hand, and looking like he's going to cry at any moment.

Imagine hearing your son CRY, as he's lifted out of the womb at such a fragile age.

Imagine being too scared to get attached to him... for fear you might lose him.

Imagine your child weighing 1 lb., 6 1/2 oz. and measuring 11 inches long.

Imagine not being able to see his eyes, because they are still fused shut, like a newborn pup.

Imagine not being able to touch your child.

Imagine a baby with a head smaller than a tennis ball, and a body shorter than your forearm.

Imagine, the medical terms, the tubes, the wires, the alarms, the lights...

Imagine watching his eyes open for the first time a week after he's born. Imagine the look of love... and determination.

Imagine finding out he has an infection that requires him to be isolated from other babies, because it is so hard to cure.

Imagine seeing his arm swell to twice its size because of the infection. Imagine seeing your son so sick that he won't move or open his eyes.

Imagine that your son is the most determined and strong willed person you know.

Imagine that he never fails to amaze you with his perserverance and strength.

Imagine that he finally gets better and you get to hold him for the first time... a month after he's born.

Imagine the emotion.

Imagine that he finally gets off the ventilator after 1 1/2 months, and moves to CPAP.

Imagine awaiting the day he gets to come home... and still waiting.

Imagine the greatest LOVE you've ever known...

Imagine that your son... is your hero.